Buffer Tanks – Puffer Carbon Steel


Carbon steel buffer tank for heating treated water only.


Sizes from 300ltr up to 2000ltr.

Fully insulated with closed cell PE from 100ltr up to 1000ltr

Fully insulated with open cell PE soft jacket from 1500ltr to 2000ltr

95°c max temperature.

10 bar max pressure up to 1000 ltr.

6 bar max pressure 1500 ltr to 2000 ltr.

Product Code Code Size Height Diameter
PUFFER300 A3G0L51 PGP40 300ltr 650mm 1395mm
PUFFER500 A3G0L55 PGP40 500ltr 750mm 1695mm
PUFFER800 A3G0L60 PGP40 800ltr 900mm 1796mm
PUFFER1000 A3G0L62 PGP40 1000ltr 900mm 2045mm
PUFFER1500 A3G0L67 P9016 1500ltr 1100mm 2370mm
PUFFER2000 A3G0L70 P9016 2000ltr 1200mm 2375mm