Complete Scale and Corrosion Control

Minidue Antiscale

With so many scale prevention devices available on the market it can be difficult to select the right product for the job.

Advantay has launched the new MiniDUE Antiscale product designed to provide a complete solution for stopping limescale build up and corrosion in the home.

To stop scale there is arguably only two methods to achieve this.  Firstly the installation of a whole house water softener which in effect replaces calcium and magnesium with salts providing that soft water feel.

The other method is to add in very controlled doses a food grade additive know as Polyphosphate which stops the calcium and magnesium forming or sticking to the sides of the water system allowing them to freely pass through without creating limescale deposits.

Getting a controlled dose of the polyphosphate is key and ensuring no more than 5ppm (parts per million) is added is essential to ensure good water quality.

MiniDUE is a patented and European approved miniature dosing system that accurately and proportionately adds a controlled dose of a liquid polyphosphate at 2ppm into the water system to stop limescale.

Because MiniDUE uniquely uses a liquid we can guarantee the dosage.

No overdose situations

No underdose situations

No sludge formation or residue

and guaranteed limescale control and corrosion prevention.

and 100% food grade safe drinking water.

We use unique vacuum packed disposable refill bags to ensure a fuss free operation which simply push and twist into the product, no more fiddly adding granules or powder to a pot.

What’s more, MiniDUE is a very compact unit and can be installed virtually anywhere with very little disturbance to surrounding pipe work.  Useful when it typically lives under the sink!

Select the right product for the combating limescale and install the new MiniDUE exclusively from Advantay.