Water Inlet CRP Group

The CRP group is installed on the mains water inlet and provides whole house control and protection from dirt, debris and pressure surges. The CRP group consists of a self cleaning mechanical water filter ensuring inlet water is free from foreign object and debris which can have devastating effects on critical valves, controls and water heating appliances.

The filter is equipped with easy read pressure gauges to allow monitoring of the filter to determine when flushing is required. The cleaned water is then  passed through a high flow pressure reducing valve with water compensation system to control the the inlet pressure. Finally to protect the system a ‘Stopshock’ shock arrestor is fitted inline to ensure protection against potential damaging surges in pressure which can create a knocking in the pipe work and lead to damage and leakage in some instances. Supplied as a kit with all the necessary component for quick inline installation

  • Maximum inlet 25bar
  • Adjustable between 0.5 and 6bar
  • Maximum temperature 80°c
  • Stopshock max pressure 40bar


Product Code Description
0906500012 1/2″ BSP, F/F CRP Group complete boxed
0906500034 3/4″ BSP, F/F CRP Group complete boxed
0906500100 1″ BSP, F/F CRP Group complete boxed