Domestic Balancing Valve in brass for hydraulic circuits complete with snap­-on pressure plugs. Flow rate measurement based on the
Venturi principle.

Balancing valve 6535G series are valves that allow optimal regulation of the system’s flow rate, both during the heating and the
cooling phase.  Utilisation of the Venturi principle at constant kV makes it possible to carry out fast pre-­regulation and then simplifies
the final calibration inside the system.

Connections:  1/2” TO  2”
Operating Temperature:  ­10°C TO +160°C
Max Pressure:  16 BAR
Medium:  Water/Water with an additional Glycol mix (Max 50%)
Body Material:  Brass CW617N UNI EN 12165
Pressure Plug Material:  Brass CW614N UNI EN 12164
Control Knob Material:  ABS, PA6
Gaskets:  EPDM
Adjustment Turns:  5

AD6510008 1/2″ BSP F/F
AD6510009 3/4″ BSP F/F
AD6510010 1″ BSP F/F
AD6510011 1-1/4″ BSP F/F
AD6510012 1-1/2″ BSP F/F
AD6510013 2″ BSP F/F