Heat Pump Buffer Tank – 50ltr Floor Standing


Specifically designed for use with Heat Pump installations to provide a stored volume of heated water.  The ACP heat pump buffer tanks help to prevent heat pump short cycling and can increase response times, COP and increase the life span of the heat pump.


The ACP-V range is a floor standing cylindrical tank rated featuring twin insulation layer and a rigid PVC Jacket. The ACP-V has an industry leading Class A energy rating and is ERP ready.


ACP-V 50 – 50ltr heat pump buffer tank

Class A rated

410mm O/D x 880mm H


Class A rated
Floor standing
Carbon steel
Max pressure 10bar
Min temperature -10°c
Max temperature +95°c
4 x 1” F side connections to suit flow and return from system and flow and return from Heat Pump
2 x 1/2” F sensor / monitoring ports
1 x 1-1/4” F top connection for safety valve or air release valve