Potable / Chilled Water Expansion Vessels

Potable & chilled water expansion vessels feature a removable bladder.

Available in horizontal models which come complete with universal pump mounting bracket.

Blue epoxy paint finish for durability.

All vessels are manufactured in Italy and are fully CE approved and meet the PED directives


Expansion Vessels – Potable & Chilled Water Applications with Universal Pump Mount
Product Code Size Connection Pre set Max Bar Max °c Length O/D Height
0093500024 24ltr 3/4″ M 1.5 8bar 99°c 470mm 270mm 290mm
0093500050 50ltr 1″ M 1.5 10bar 99°c 515mm 400mm 425mm
0093500060 60ltr 1″ M 1.5 10bar 99°c 675mm 400mm 480mm
0093500080 80ltr 1″ M 1.5 10bar 99°c 765mm 400mm 480mm
0093500100 100ltr 1″ M 1.5 10bar 99°c 720mm 500mm 585mm
0093500200 200ltr 1-1/4″ M 1.5 10bar 99°c 970mm 600mm 665mm
0093500300 300ltr 1-1/4″ M 1.5 10bar 99°c 1130mm 650mm 705mm