Anti Scale Dosing Pump – Easy Fit Refills

AcquaSIL 2/15® is a liquid solution of 100% safe food grade polyphosphates specific for drinking water treatment.  It prevents the formation of scale deposits and prevents the corrosion of metal components.

Additional benefits of AcquaSIL 2/15® is the ability to slowly dissolve old limescale deposits restoring encrusted surfaces.

As MiniDUE uses a 100% food safe liquid we guarantee that MiniDUE will not cause sludge build-up or deposits which can reduce system efficiency. You will get a 100% accurate metered dose with no over dose or under dose situations.


MiniDUE Antiscale Solution Refills


Product Code Description
ADVPC100 250gram refill pouch supplied in a pack of 4 (1000gram total)
ADVPC104 1000gram refill pouch, single