Low Loss Header

Low Loss Header with Combined Dirt and Air Separation .
Advantay  Hydraulic Separator  / Low Loss Header serves primarily to divide the primary and secondary circuit hydraulically in the heating
system and to compensate for differences in flow rate and pressure drop. They can also be used effectively to connect two boilers together.

Additionally it allows any trapped air to be removed from the top via an automatic air release valve if fitted and dirt and debris to be
collected in the low level where it can be removed by opening a drain valve if fitted.

The Low Loss Header is available as standard with 1/2” connection at the top for fitment of an automatic air release valve type 0050700012 and a further 1/2” connection at the bottom for
installation of a drain valve.
Manufactured from Fe360 steel epoxy powder coated.

Product Code Connection Height Flow Rate Insulation Max KW* Max °c Max Bar
AD3160036 1″ F x 4 560mm 2500 ltr/h YES 43.5 100°c 10bar
AD3160037 1-1/4″ F x 4 560mm 4000 ltr/h YES 69.6 100°c 10bar
AD3160038 1-1/2″ F x 4 760mm 6000 ltr/h YES 104.4 100°c 10bar
AD3160039 2″ F x 4 910mm 9000 ltr/h YES 156.6 100°c 10bar